My Blog was unfortunately dismantled- my webhosting service decided not to offer blogs any more as part f their service and I didn't get the memo! I'm in the process of reconstituting what I could salvage, but it is 7 years worth... but here are the kids I worked with and the news program we made up in video editing class.

The electric company in Chandrakal, Andhra Pradesh, India would not fix a transformer which cut off electricity for the orphanage for 3 days, which meant there was no running water. The lightman even tried to get bribe money of 1,000 rupees to fix it. The orphanage threatened to protest, but somehow word got to the village and the wrongdoings of the electric company were printed in the local newspaper so the electric company was shamed and fixed the problem in a hurry. The kids made this news program to report the story. It is part english language practice, journalism practice,learning movie editing, and learning to protest.